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Saturday, 10 October 2015


Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. They usually start off slow, and there's no lunches to pack. Yay..
This Saturday was a lovely one with just a perfect blend of things to accomplish and things to leave for another time.
We are celebrating Thanksgiving here this weekend, so there are many smells simmering in the kitchen as we prepare for a traditional  Thanksgiving turkey dinner to be enjoyed tomorrow after church.

        my fall table center piece made with things I had around, easy to move when necessary..

Yesterday upon visiting the library, I  ironically came across this book on there discard table.

                                                Is there anything better than warm apple dumplings?

Here is the recipe, found it in the bottom of my recipe drawer in my sister's hand writing

It was a treat to have 3 of my daughters in the kitchen with me..

I also took time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall  day...
 I find it fascinating to traipse through the fields around our place in every season, there is beauty.

and around the corner is home.

So while the stuffing works on perfecting it's stuffiness...

I pause to remember that everything I call mine is gifted and loaned to me from a Higher Power.
Nobody's life is perfect, but we are blessed and it is good
 to recognize the significance that the threads of gratitude are to life, and it is necessary to Give Thanks.



  1. Lucy, it's so funny to hear that your Thanksgiving is this weekend because we celebrate it in November. What a wonderful post about giving thanks. How nice that you have your daughters in the kitchen helping with the meal. The apple dumplings look delicious; a dessert just right for this Fall season. I read one time that thankful people are the happiest people. I believe this is true. And you are such a grateful person, Lucy.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Celebrate with love.


  2. A beautiful post.. I love your photos of your wanderings and your family.. Gratitude is my computer password. So I have to type it everytime it goes to sleep. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts.. Yours was a good reminder. And that is my favorite Josh Groban song. Wishing you wonderful blessings for your Thanksgiving celebration ..

    Tamara <3


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...