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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fun With Pink

                                                                                            image via here

Sweet little girl all in pink-Your as pure as the driven snow-Hang on to all of your childish dreams-And never let them go.  This reminds me of my babies.              
        on the last snow day my girls made popsicles with cream soda,                                  
Pink,a sweet colour
anytime, bringing
out the little girl                                    
in us all... 
 I know, popsicles in February!! (we like to live on the edge:)

a cozy sweater,and my latest knitted creation...

                                                            somehow these tulips ended up in my grocery bag!
I know, it's the strangest thing when that happens:)
I shared them with my mother-in-law...note to self...flowers are much more affordable the day after Valentines!

                as are chocolates...but for the record these WERE purchased before....                                                           

   here's proof that advertising works... I LOVE this commercial...                             
          here I am ,keeping an eye on you...
             LOVE,and Blessings, may your weekend
                  be as sweet as you are....Lucy~

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  1. I admire you for being able to knit, Lucy ~ pretty scarf :) Your tulips look a lot like mine :) I LOVE peachy-pinks... Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Love the tulips! Your scarf is a masterpiece! It looks best when one is taller than I am! (and you must be, because of the type of sweater you're wearing:) )

  3. I find tulip bouquets irresistible, especially this time of year. And Merci chocolates! Friends brought us a box recently. They're amazing!


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