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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Winter Gardens

   Winter;I can't say it's ever been my favourite season.
     After all it's usually too long and too cold and too dark.

     The stark landscape and frozen gardens seem devoid of dreams.

    Then it dawned on me how my heart has a winter season too.

At times it feels too dark and too frozen, like nothing could ever grow there,
not even a flicker of a dream.

As I contemplated my winter garden and heart I couldn't help but notice how necessary this winter season is though if I am willing to accept it as good and useful to overall growth and beauty.

After all, this is the time to add new hopes and dreams to enrich the soil and fortify it with the nutrients of His word.

The time to remove the old,dead wood of pride and stubbornness, that  can quickly mar any beauty in my heart garden.

The time to plan what I am going to plant and where I will plant it, to help serve others.

The time to pour out prayers; like water on parched land thatcan give new heart gardens the long roots of encouragement and safety and shelter to nurture a few forgotten dreams.

Heart gardens; so like gardens of clumps of dirt, must learn to be patient.
Never giving up but knowing in His time their will be beauty.(Ecclesiastes 3:11)
Waiting always precedes growth. Some things grow very slow.

When we have laboured diligently,committed it all to a much greater Hand...
                    the reward will be in the relinquishment
                        and the peace that follows.

           Reflect upon your blessings,of which most of   us have plenty,not on your past misfortunes, 
          of which all men have some.  Charles Dickens)  

354-for gorgeous sunrises like this one,355- Super bowl Sunday-a great tradition,356-impromptu lunch with friends,357-shopping with daughter and son home from school,358-realising we didn't need anything,and that is what made it fun:) 359-the shortest month of winter,360-my mother's beautiful example of sacrificial love,361-Love that came down here,362-a happy husband,363-bedtime prayers ..for this boy Johnathon who we just can't forget,after reading this...364-beautiful friends whom I love in blog land.

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  1. I love how you wrote on heart gardens!Very true.
    I love the scene of snow...it's so pure looking. It hardly ever snows where I live and if it does, it never stays on the ground. I'm impatient about seasons when they come close to there end and decide to stick around for a bit longer than "I" would plan!! Good lessons to take to the "Heart Garden".
    Much love dear,

  2. Thanks Susan..the arbor was a birthday gift a few years ago from hubby. I planted a wisteria by it last spring...so I hope it makes it through the winter...

  3. To see the spring in winter...there's such beauty and hope in that.
    Can't wait to hear "the sound of turtledoves in our land" .
    Beautiful thoughts my dear friend \0/

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  4. Heart gardens... that is something I want to till for the future. So appreciate your insight.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...