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Monday, 11 February 2013

Love...Eternal Incomprehensible

              I love to display these pitchers...they serve as a    reminder to pour out LOVE daily...

a little grammar for you...
Love is a verb! an action word.( end grammar lesson!)
 This is especially clear when you think about the love languages , how do you convey love? how do you like to receive love?
Each language :quality time, acts of service,gifts, words of affirmation and physical touch require action for them to be implemented.
Reminds me of my word of the year, which is response.

My love language is acts of service, I love when my husband and children do tangible things for me. This can include and certainly isn't exclusive, but helping with chores and duties can really make me a happy wife and Mom.
 Everyone has a secondary language and mine would be words of affirmation. I do appreciate sincere praise and approval, (who doesn't really?)
 Consequently I find it relatively easy to do deeds of service for people, I also naturally praise and commend others as this is also "my language."

My husbands language on the other hand is quality time. He loves when we spend time with each other and as  a family.Weekends away together are high on his list, as are camping,fishing and bike trips.This is a part of his expression so I have learned over the years to appreciate his dialogue, even though it really isn't my language.

Our five kids who range in ages from ten to nineteen, all have their own unique love language as well. I thought I had each one 'figured out' and I believe I do; but let's just say teenagers can really keep you guessing!
The important part is to keep loving them even though their love language can be hard to discern at times. When they are the hardest to love they need it the most!  Hugs heal hearts.
Then there's the people outside of home;in work,church or school that we rub shoulders with on a regular basis.They too have a love language.
(note to self....Everyone has a love language!)

Here's a link to a great resource on this topic....I see their is a book on love languages for teenagers now along with the children and the first book ...hmmm.

I have learned that the greatest threat to love; is not circumstance but the absence of attention.For we do not neglect others because we have ceased to love;
rather we cease to love others because we have neglected them. (Richard Paul Evans )

365-those girls making salt dough creations today,366-those two sitting outside the library on the bench in deep snow waiting for me,367-that boy who comes up with one liners that bring a smile,368-cooking at that camp this weekend,369-thankful it's still winter,370-hubby working to put in new floor,371-everyone under one roof an extra night,372-great evening of music last night,373-intuition and understanding about situations,374-prayer that covers it all and more,375-healthy household presently,376-muffins and milk,377-hope of a new day.


  1. Ohhhh, Lucy, that was a very nice post. It's so true that the gift of time is so important to love.

    Truly, giving to others, fill our own hearts with love.

    Hope you have a nice Wednesday. Susan

  2. My guy's love language is acts of service. He himself has a true servants heart. I've been blessed.

  3. I loved the book "The Five Love Languages...how true this is.
    And I loved this post...filled with what really matters in this life...our life.....l o v e
    Blessings my friend xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo


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