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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Morning Symphony

    Good -morning, coffee black, thanks~

The kids have been fed,lunches packed, hugged and prayed over.
I've done my ceremonial wave from my window, to the bus driver...I wonder if he recognizes my morning outfit yet?(aka-housecoat )

The sun is sending a warm greeting into my patio doors, I pull up my chair as I often will at this time for some quiet contemplation.

I love listening to the Christian radio station in the morning,I feel even when mornings are harried and I don't have adequate time for reading to my children the songs they hear as we are getting ready for the day and the contests we play along with such as Bible Buzz, subconsciously plant seeds of goodness and truth in their hearts.So many great messages in song on Christian radio...
powerful songs like this....

          Sun, words, music and coffee synchronised symphony 
                    that melts any need of rushing and urgency.

 So there should run through all our daily lives the music of continual prayer beneath our various occupations,like some prolonged,deep,bass note that bears up and dignifies the lighter  melody rising,falling,and changing above it.
Then our lives can be a harmonious unity based upon a continual communion, a continual desire after God, and a continual submission to Him.
                           (Alexander Maclaren 1826-1910)

Beautiful words from my devotional this morning,so glad I took the time to sit and be still before Him....

giving thanks still;
395-son writing a letter to his sponsor child (a brother we say:) 396-daughter home for reading week,397-hubby almost finished with the new floor,398-painting the front door,399-matching tissue boxes,400-children , mine and others that make me smile,401,watching The Help,402-cousins crocheting and connecting,
403-prayer for situations that seem hopeless,404,daughter making plans for next year,405-strength for each season,406-icicles and the way they fascinate,407-friendly neighbours who honk going by.


  1. Lovely peek at your morning, Lucy. Also, those icicles are some kind of amazing. We received a ton more snow last night, and it looks like a winter wonderland, but there are no icicles around here to enjoy. Their beauty does shine in your photo, though.

  2. Lucy,
    It sounds like your mornings are very busy around your house. You know, I stayed home with my kids until they were all in school, and I have to say that it was the happiest time in my life. I know how hectic things may seem, but it sounds like you are so aware of the blessings that you have and that you cherish every moment with your family. How wonderful that is, and I'm so glad to have found you in blogland.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. h-m-m! It seems your posts no longer show on my dashboard. I missed the last few...just wonderful, my dear sis! It is that sentimental time of year, isn't it! I've had my coffee black. We are attempting doughnut-making today so i have a feeling there will be another coffee later;))

  4. That's okay...I never noticed:)Thanks for stopping by though...
    Hope the doughnuts work out, I won't tell my kids:)


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