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Friday, 8 March 2013

Spring Things and Stuff...

Spring is beginning to peak around the corner here....
so I thought it'd be fun to share a few glimpses...

      my youngest was home a few days feeling a bit under the weather,so the second day we made these  tulips out of egg cartons...a little crafty spring bouquet....

my bargain new spring purse...not always easy to find a purse that's just right, but I think this one is close; I like the two side pockets for phone and sunglasses...

soon we shall see the spring birds hopping about...

I love the fabric on this vintage looking shirt my daughter and I found last week....
I cleaned my refrigerator today before I did the grocery run....
aren't we abundantly blessed to be able to go to a store and purchase such a variety of food?

with the floor reno complete I can now continue shuffling other sundry items such as my husbands antique bottles....

the other week at our local library I scored big off the 'discard' table.......
as I was happily adding them to my library my son said to me,"now you should get rid of five books, Mom."(I've talked to them about the in/out policy to combat clutter) "that is true for everything but books." was my response.

I had the privilege of watching this musical last evening with a friend who had a spare ticket...now I'd love to plan a mother/daughter event to watch it again...

How about you, are you anxiously awaiting spring with all it's newness or are you like my husband who recently stated "he still wants to hibernate a bit?"



  1. I like to hibernate, but we don't get much of a winter around here. We do get dust storms, though, and it's been rather dreary for the better part of the week. It's days like that when I do like to stay inside and just piddle. The egg carton flowers are so sweet. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  2. Nice photos! I try stick to the "one in/one out rule" too, but with a child in the house-- forget it!!

  3. Hi Lucy...Oh, I'm definitely ready for spring! The tulips you and your boy made are delightful! So glad you went to the musical and scored big with the books, too. I went to a library used book sale this weekend, too, and it was wonderful!

    Take care and have a terrific Saturday, too! Susan

  4. Your tulips are amazing!!!! When I first saw the photo I thought they were real and even after you said that you made them, I had to take a really close look..wow!

    I think maybe the hubby's of the world, might like to wait a bit longer for Spring and all of the yard work ahead...at least that would probably be my Mr.'s thought.

    Have a lovely weekend. xo

  5. Lucy, I enjoyed these glimpses of spring! Spotted the Lucy Maud Montgomery book ~ nice find :) I love the egg carton flowers... my kids would love making them, thanks for the idea!

  6. So much fun with egg-cartons! Yours is the first refrigerator interiorI have seen on the blogs. Mary Poppins is my all time fav and I hope I get to see it! Great Bag and I like that vintage fabric too!
    All Happy Days

  7. This winter has been a tough one and I am very tired of hibernating. I am so looking forward to spring. After reading your post, I am inspired to clean out my fridge too!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. I agree - that rule doesn't work with books! The more, the merrier! Oh, I know what you mean about finding a perfect handbag - I've spent my life, it seems, looking for one!

    I am more than ready for Spring and cannot wait!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week - it's nice to meet you!


  9. I'm anxiously awaiting! Great tulips, I like the subtle tinges of color.

  10. Lucy, those tulips you crafted are just beautiful... until I read the caption I assumed they were real! I'm longing for spring to arrive in earnest. The sun keeps coming in and out and we are teased with warm days here and there but it's not here yet. Soon!

  11. I love the tulips too! they are adorable. I want to get back to reading books. I spend alot of time on the computer with my blog and reading others blogs. I don't have much time left over for books!

  12. Hi Lucy,

    I'm visiting from Claudia's Mockingbird Hill Cottage. Ditto to all of your favorite things. The skirt is adorable and it feels great to have a well stocked fridge (right after you clean it). I'd love to see a tutorial of how you created the tulips from an egg carton. I love tulips and this project looks like fun. But how did you do it?

  13. Hi Sandy, Thank-you. I 'll think about a tutorial...but basically all I did was cut apart the carton a bit haphazardly, paint with acrylic paint,poke a hole for the stem which was a painted skewer, and the finishing touch I'd say was hot gluing a tiny piece of artificial flower to create the look of the inside...have fun!(also added a bit of glitter)

  14. Hello Lucy
    You're so creative making those gorgeous tulips from an egg carton - they really do look real. I'm wondering what you used for the stamens?
    Your children are lucky to have such a talented mother to do projects with.
    Such a pretty skirt!
    I'm visiting from Claudia's Favorite Things.
    I'm now following you!
    Shane ♥


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