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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stuck Between

When March doesn't look the way I've envisioned, it's tempting to sigh and fret a little. When sibling spats and teenage sarcasm bring me close to a middle age meltdown...

When snow keeps piling up and it's almost the first day of spring, and the van is stuck in a snow drift in a lane way up the road...and instead of trying to push it out I walk home,lugging my bag of groceries and wonder why I wouldn't wear the mittens I keep in my van  for times such as these...

This does not look like enough snow to be stuck...but I really was...strange isn't it?
  Even the best laid plans can  go awry. 
Who am I to think I can orchestrate my day?
 Sure I make plans, and I aspire to do good each day but on my own it falls flat pretty fast.
Supper isn't started when it should be and as I'm slicing the ham to fry up with some eggs and daughter helps by setting the table and makes toast and we work in amicable silence.
The truth is sometimes I feel stuck too. stuck between seasons and stuck between gratitude and grumbling, but I know the truth; there is no in between, either I am thankful or I am not. There is no middle road to this journey, and as I mull over my day, I find the good in the gritty and the marvelous in the mundane, and I say thank-you not only for fair weather times but for times when I'm stuck and need a push in the direction of gratitude.

Quotes that help you express gratitude at all times.

427- hubby who helped dig out the van,428-daughter didn't need it for work today,429-Amazon orders,430--new book to read to girls at bedtime,431-hugs and kisses from children,432-silly times,433-a great March break week,434-tea and talk with that friend,435-honest relationships,436-hair dressers,437-remembering a hair gone awry time and the lesson I learned from it,438-hair isn't half as important as the woman wearing the hair,439-hearts that feel, 440-Hope in the new,441-Spring and Easter soon,442-fresh maple syrup,443-organizing closets,444-yes, less is more.(sometimes:)445-intuition,446-mysteries of life,447-new tea,448-God's Holy Word 449-freedom to have and read it in my home...


  1. We all need a push sometimes...and sometimes just someone to walk beside us to say 'I understand'. thank-you for being an 'I understand' sis:) At least the digging days are numbered!

  2. Thank-you, love that thought...and you are too. XO.

  3. So true Lucy....He really does order our days, our moments,
    and in them teaches us to be grateful and thankful.
    He never stops teaching us...even in the mundane.
    Warm winter hugs....from your friend who is also feeling that last page of winter this week too.
    Warm hugs from my heart to yours xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  4. I can not imagine that much snow.
    Love reading your posts!
    Much love dear


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