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Monday, 11 March 2013

The Gift We Give Ourselves

                                                         please listen to the beautiful song...

I watch from afar and admit it would be easy to reach up to that branch of judgement dangling it's accusations in my face.

How tempting it would be to hurl questions about motives, character and all the things that are a measure of the heart.

I wish you could be here to see;I wonder what you'd say.
I think about actions; and how they drown out all the noisy clamour of shallow words.
I breathe a prayer to release my feeble feelings... 

Grace and forgiveness that gift for us; to then release to others the way it's given to us.
I hold it close here and ponder it's glorious meaning.
 For when it is the most difficult thing in the world to do...it is the most needful.
Then and only then can true peace be acquired.

Sometimes it's easy to read into the subtleties  of a relationship, that can at times be discouraging.

Then I remember my word response,no one but myself is responsible for my response; but I. How freeing and exhilarating to know my response is my right and privilege.
I am grateful.

                                        A Winter Dream (Hardcover) by Richard Paul Evans

these thoughts came in part from reading this book recently...

a modern take on the story of Joseph.

416; March break week...happy times,417;for hubby who made the coffee on Saturday and Sunday and poured me a cup,418-listening as he talked about his first of the season motorcycle ride,419-cross country skiing on Saturday morning,420-riding my bike in the afternoon,421-daughter making breakfast for all of us,
422-good time with two oldest girls while the other three were at my sister, 423-sisters,424-a hubby who listens while I share my heart,425-praying,4-hope for a week that is a mix of spontaneity with clarity.....

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