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Friday, 1 March 2013

Loose Ends, Waiting To Be Tied

I was thinking about what  to call this post and thought of Loose Ends but somehow
 Loose Ends with Lucy came to mind, and that really sounds a bit too flighty, but maybe that is okay  I decide. After all life is WAY too short not to smile sometimes, right?

Somehow changing the floor has set me in motion for more change, and I decided to paint the inside of my front door.
It had never been painted since we've lived here...(almost 23 years...)insert gasp here)
                                             primer on...

then the two doors in the entrance way had always bothered me in their staid,brown appearance, so they got done too.
The mirror looks fresher in white; than the black and gold I had put on originally, and finally the  welcome sign was also brushed up. Now my entrance way seems ten times brighter and roomier...ah illusions..

If you read this post you'll know I shared my sentimental connection I am prone to.
 Somehow, this does NOT apply to painting walls. Every time I decide to paint, and the gruelling preparations have been done and I'm wielding the paint brush I am overcome with euphoria(or fumes) at the wondrous transformation about to take place!
"Careful," I tease my child "don't stand still too long or I  may paint you..."

I'm painting my hallway this delicious blue grey/greenish color.I think i'll like it when I'm done...just very tedious with the doors and all...

                                                              old colour
                                            new colour

almost done...

 my laundry room is being sabotaged at the moment,and I have to say I was appalled at the amount of lint,dust and dirt that suddenly appeared....

but all in all; I am grateful I am married to a guy who willingly takes on these home reno projects for the sake of love and life in the living.

     Blueberry oatmeal muffins provide good energy...for the job.( we put cinnamon on top)

find interesting  stuff here... http://chiconashoestringdecorating.blogspot.ca/



  1. Your entry way looks great! Did you paint your trim white? We have awful dark wood stain. Part of me likes wood and wants to keep it even though it is really dark. The other part of me wants to paint it white so that my colored walls can pop. But if I paint the trim, then I'll have to paint the window's too, because they're wood. Wouldn't I? Anyways. I'm a little scared to do it. Any suggestions on painting over dark wood stain?

  2. Thanks Anne; I hear your dilemma...because I have been there...our wood wasn't real(faux) mostly anyway....so I have with time, painted pretty well everything.
    It really does lighten everything and IS worth the time and effort.Prime with a good primer first which is key over the wood...
    There is nothing wrong with wood but personally I feel too much is just too much.
    anyhow I do know where you're coming from...how does your husband feel about it? usually men tend to like wood more.Good luck my dear xo.

  3. ok, I totally like the "loose ends with Lucy" lingo:) I also like all your brightening up. I admire that you paint! My husband gets stuck with it, and I'm not sure how that has happened. Maybe you'll inspire me to help out! That would be a good thing. Everything looks great that you're doing!!

  4. Lucy,
    A new paint job adds wonders to a home. I really like the green color of the walls in the hallway. And that mirror with the roses is so pretty. I'm not very good at painting and always leave this for my husband to do. Happy Friday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Oh Lucy, everything is looking wonderful! Great job!

    Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my blog, too! Loved having you stop by. Susan


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