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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My Hydrangea Love Affair Revisited...


recently someone gave me this hydrangea and as I thought about where to plant it I remembered my hydrangea history.....

you can read more about my journey with hydrangea here...


here it is; another lovely hydrangea from my journey. Isn't the power in a bloom amazing?
                       Blessings to you on this wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Great blooms, Lucy. By the way, I'm still learning, too! Susan

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Your beautiful hydrangea are such a sweet welcome to your lovely home and garden! They look like they've finally found themselves, maybe just after you accepted their unique pace and gentle character. Enjoyed reading up on your love affair, from when you first 'met' and all the fun and flirty mystery between you!

    Have a happy weekend, Lucy!


  3. Lucy,
    I never gave much thought to the hydrangeas until my blog friends had many of them around their homes. It's such a pretty flower, isn't it? Now I appreciate them even more.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.



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