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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembering The Cost Of Freedom Today

I have listened to this song on this special day for the last number of years. 
I first heard it at a remembrance day ceremony at our school. 
There is something about the grit and strength of it that moves me every time.

May I never forget how they died.
May I never live my life in fear either.
May I always believe that good is bigger than bad.
May I always pray for people fighting their own battles.
May Hope never be snuffed out.
                     Thank you Jesus,  Amen.

               love the poppy sweater my daughter wore to school today.

                   It's a beautiful day for all the ceremonies being held today.

                                                 Blessings, Lucy~


  1. Hi Lucy...This is, indeed, a good day to remember.

    Love the new bathroom! Beautiful! Take care and have a good day. Susan

  2. It is, indeed, a most beautiful, sun shiny day.

    Lest we forget.



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