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Friday, 14 November 2014

Seasonal Subtleties


Recently I replaced the quilt on my bed, with a plush and cozy comforter. (I found it calling my name on the Target clearance rack.)


I am partial to quilts, but I thought it may be nice to add some warmth and this comforter is nice and neutral enough to do that. I think it even works with my green walls.(for now!)
After I did that my casual throw rug looked rather forlorn, so I pursued a few more clearance places and found a rug that works well!


                     Fun to make a few changes now and then, isn't it?

It has changed out doors too. The world is blanketed in white today, and looks like it may stay a while.    my flip flops are still under my chair....
I am not sure if I am ready but much like children growing up, it happens anyhow.


So the subtle and not so subtle changes happen here, as I get ready to give the china cabinet in my kitchen a makeover. I'll keep you posted on this and other subtleties. 

Off to the races.......Lucy~

Ps. Apparently if the leaves are still on the apple trees, the snow is not here to stay! I am pleased to report the leaves are still on the apple trees!



  1. I love the Target clearance rack! I also love that your flip-flops are still under your chair. :)
    Yes, changes come, whether we're ready or not...

  2. Lucy,

    What a lovely comforter, (the bed skirt is sweet, too), and the new rug complements it perfectly! Your house is looking might cozy; I think I'd sit by that window all day...just staring at the sprinkling snow!


  3. I Lucy. Very nice comforter set. Very pretty and how wonderful it was on clearance. You are right. Change, once in awhile, is good. Susan

  4. I see the cozying is starting to happen your way too. Lovely. We had to bring out our winter quilt a few weeks ago.

    Wishing you a beautiful evening....

  5. I cannot believe you already have snow! Its so beautiful though...but I do hope that you do not have all those terrible ice storms like last year. The old fashioned lantern/lamp in your window just melts my heart. Our kitchen is nearly done. I hope to share photos in December when Sea Cottage is decorated in Christmas. I love love love the grey cabinets...its so calming.

  6. thank you so much for your comment today. Made my heart burst! You are so sweet xxo

  7. Good morning ~ First I want to thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

    I noticed your flip-flops, they are reminders of warm days past and yet to come. I live n s.e. FL, no snow here and indoors I am barefoot. :-) I always enjoy the wintery scenes in blogs.

    Your bedroom is lovely and I like the little lantern on your window sill.

    May your Christmas holidays be filled with love, peace and joy ~ FlowerLady


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