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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Welcome To My Cape Cod Inspired Bathroom


Many years ago we decided it was time to add a bathroom to the lower level of our house.

My two oldest had moved down there to share a bedroom, and it soon became clear that a bathroom on that floor would make life much smoother for everyone!
Five females in one home was definitely enough reason, so  hubby rose graciously to the occasion, and the tedious renovation began.....

It did not take me very long to choose the theme for this bathroom though...
                               a few touches here and there                                                         
                       the spacious shower is built in under a porch...double sinks are wonderful...
          even though it still takes them forever to get ready for bed!

                                               a prayer of blessing tucked into the mirror...

I have always considered it quite a novel idea to have a claw foot bath tub. So my bathroom elements were pulled together around centre stage...


                               "I believe in another life I lived by the sea."

It was so much fun to put this room together. I still find myself soothed and calmed here as I soak in the tub or touch my bare feet to the  heated tiles on the floor.
             the windows are built with etched glass, completely opaque, even though it doesn't look like it here... 

It's a little bit of the beach here in our home on the farm. A whisper of the waves crashing or sea gulls soaring. A small sanctuary and ode to the sea.
this is a photo I took quite at random at the beach...it made the perfect artwork for in here...

side note; This bathroom has recently "changed hands"...with Brittany getting married and Katrina in university, the younger two saw their opportunity and moved in.
I heard my youngest say to Katrina when she was home recently...
"ummm, we kind of took over your bathroom!":)

Thanks for visiting my Cape Cod bathroom.
It was a pleasure to have you here on it's shore.


  1. Lucy, I have a heart
    for the sea, as well,
    so I love your beautiful
    Cape Cod inspired
    bathroom. Thanks for
    the peek into everything
    that makes it special!

    xo Suzanne

  2. Both the beach nearby, and your pretty, marine inspired bathroom, must be magical inspiration for the effervescent energy of your soul.

    Happy weekend, my friend.


  3. Oh Lucy this is so calming. The shower is my favorite. I love all the white tile and did you say heated? Luxury. I can only imagine what that must be like. I think added your own photos and pieces found on trips to the sea are the best decor. I truly love your bath sanctuary. Thank you for visiting me today. Yesterday, Veterans Day , was my birthday! We had a parade in our little Old Towne.

  4. That little bathing sanctuary is beautiful and peaceful.



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