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Friday, 28 November 2014

Painted Hutch and Blogging Siesta

Today I'd like to share a wee project that I've been working on...
painting the china cabinet in my kitchen.
I used Annie Sloan chalk paint...
I haven't quite finished yet as I still need to decide on the hardware,
but here it is before, in all it's oak glory...

mid way...

nearing completion...

I am quite pleased with the results...I love seeing the transformation happen!
and now I must let you know that I will be taking a break from blogging for the month of December.
I will still pop in to visit you if I can, and will be wishing you peace in your heart and home during the undulating rhythm of the coming weeks.
Warmly, Lucy~

Friday, 14 November 2014

Seasonal Subtleties


Recently I replaced the quilt on my bed, with a plush and cozy comforter. (I found it calling my name on the Target clearance rack.)


I am partial to quilts, but I thought it may be nice to add some warmth and this comforter is nice and neutral enough to do that. I think it even works with my green walls.(for now!)
After I did that my casual throw rug looked rather forlorn, so I pursued a few more clearance places and found a rug that works well!


                     Fun to make a few changes now and then, isn't it?

It has changed out doors too. The world is blanketed in white today, and looks like it may stay a while.    my flip flops are still under my chair....
I am not sure if I am ready but much like children growing up, it happens anyhow.


So the subtle and not so subtle changes happen here, as I get ready to give the china cabinet in my kitchen a makeover. I'll keep you posted on this and other subtleties. 

Off to the races.......Lucy~

Ps. Apparently if the leaves are still on the apple trees, the snow is not here to stay! I am pleased to report the leaves are still on the apple trees!


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Remembering The Cost Of Freedom Today

I have listened to this song on this special day for the last number of years. 
I first heard it at a remembrance day ceremony at our school. 
There is something about the grit and strength of it that moves me every time.

May I never forget how they died.
May I never live my life in fear either.
May I always believe that good is bigger than bad.
May I always pray for people fighting their own battles.
May Hope never be snuffed out.
                     Thank you Jesus,  Amen.

               love the poppy sweater my daughter wore to school today.

                   It's a beautiful day for all the ceremonies being held today.

                                                 Blessings, Lucy~

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Welcome To My Cape Cod Inspired Bathroom


Many years ago we decided it was time to add a bathroom to the lower level of our house.

My two oldest had moved down there to share a bedroom, and it soon became clear that a bathroom on that floor would make life much smoother for everyone!
Five females in one home was definitely enough reason, so  hubby rose graciously to the occasion, and the tedious renovation began.....

It did not take me very long to choose the theme for this bathroom though...
                               a few touches here and there                                                         
                       the spacious shower is built in under a porch...double sinks are wonderful...
          even though it still takes them forever to get ready for bed!

                                               a prayer of blessing tucked into the mirror...

I have always considered it quite a novel idea to have a claw foot bath tub. So my bathroom elements were pulled together around centre stage...


                               "I believe in another life I lived by the sea."

It was so much fun to put this room together. I still find myself soothed and calmed here as I soak in the tub or touch my bare feet to the  heated tiles on the floor.
             the windows are built with etched glass, completely opaque, even though it doesn't look like it here... 

It's a little bit of the beach here in our home on the farm. A whisper of the waves crashing or sea gulls soaring. A small sanctuary and ode to the sea.
this is a photo I took quite at random at the beach...it made the perfect artwork for in here...

side note; This bathroom has recently "changed hands"...with Brittany getting married and Katrina in university, the younger two saw their opportunity and moved in.
I heard my youngest say to Katrina when she was home recently...
"ummm, we kind of took over your bathroom!":)

Thanks for visiting my Cape Cod bathroom.
It was a pleasure to have you here on it's shore.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Spelling J.O.Y.


                          J- Jesus first.
                          O-others second
                                  Y- yourself last

    it 's such a small word.
                       but there are times I forget how to spell it.
                Sure I know how to spell it.....I get it wrong though...
                        I put myself first and Jesus last.
                  Then I wonder why I feel so misconstrued!

                         It's not that I don't matter. 

                  I just don't matter more than these other two.....

When I focus on the love that Jesus has for me it affects my life in intrinsic but profound ways.
I see others through His lens of grace and compassion.                             

            Filling my heart with an effervescent emotion.
        bursting open .....bubbling and gurgling, 
                bringing me joy because I wasn't budding in line....

isn't this cool? 
the store is called Epiphany too...

The photos were taken today, in my lovely hometown of Elora, where we enjoyed a glorious Sunday stroll.
The weather was near perfect for November and I felt myself savoring each and every drop of sunshine.
Daylight faded quickly tonight...because we turned the clocks back last night.