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Friday, 27 January 2012

MOMENTS (from the archives of my journal)

  I only have a moment ,what difference can I make?
In a heart and a mind that is ready to break,
beneath all life's burdens, toil and pain.
searching for peace but finding in vain no mercy.

One moment is all the time it can take
One moment a smile will ease the ache.
One moment a word can cheer him along.
One moment a line for you in a song.
A moment it's ours we all have the same
Moments to treasure or to pass blame.
For how we use them is our choice alone.
We can confess we all are prone
to waste them sometimes ,or to think they'd be better
if we had a life that suited us to the letter.
I thank you Jesus for moments of grace.
For moments when I can seek only your face.
Moments to treasure and some that refine
the life that is in me and all that is mine.

        Some how I've read much about cherishing the moment this week and it reminded me of this which I wrote a few years ago.Blessings as we live in the moment.


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  1. Love the intrigue of a moment caught in this beautiful poem!


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...