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Monday, 23 January 2012

TEA With The Girls

Mom always said there will be days like this!!!
Those were my thoughts on this dreary Monday as I tried to occupy my three youngest and a friend who were enjoying a P A holiday from school.Sometimes best laid plans go awry and that's what seemed to be happening today.When my daughter came to me to say she was bored I suddenly had an idea pop into my weary head."We are going to have tea" I said.go find a nice dress in the dress up trunk and come to my tea party!!!They scurried off to pull out there finery as I set the table and changed into a dress. What a delightful time as we sipped our tea and I read them stories. My son who was also invited to the party but had declined, listened inconspicuously from the couch. I really don't know who enjoyed it more , but today it certainly helped quell the doldrums.

If each moment is sacred- a time and place where we encounter God-- life itself is sacred,
J M Blomquist


  1. Oh I love tea parties! Tea always seems to hit the spot! Have a happy week dear friend!!

  2. Beautiful! I enjoyed catching up on a few posts I missed as well, Thank-you for sharing your God-given gifts!


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