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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Of Usefulness and Vessels.

I began collecting vessels; pitchers, vases & teapots years ago. It started off with tea cups and mugs and somehow morphed into bigger things. most of my pitchers are a white colour,but I also treasure the green one that used to belong to my husbands grandma.
I also have this crazy thing for symbolism.I love when I find a connection with my artifacts that pertain to my life.Example; I found this plate that I loved ;two birds by a nest of eggs, as I was standing in line to purchase this I noticed there were five eggs in the nest. Perfect, I sighed.
So my collection of vessels symbolizes to me of us.Okay on our own, but never fully our potential until we are useful for something.Holding and pouring out our lives as long as we can.Giving and bringing beauty to those around us.
                             Make me a vessel Dear Lord I pray,
                             Someone who pours out your love each day.
                             Help me stretch out my hand to the poor
                             Giving from the heart in the truest form.
                             Use my words to lift up a weary soul
                             In settings of silver and apples of gold.
                             To my husband and children I'll pour out my life
                              And pray for blessings on each of their heads.
                             When this vessels' empty all dry and depleted.
                             I will turn to you to be fully completed.
                             You only Lord can fill up this cup
                             So keep me from turning to anything but....

...he shall be a vessel unto honor,sanctified,useful to the Master,prepared for every good work.
                                                II Timothy 2 :21

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