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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Little Riches

It's the little things that make life rich.....I was reminded of this today as my one daughter was delighted to open the new tube of toothpaste.
Eagerly she called her sister to share her joy.It made me smile and I thought that really is what's so special about children.They know how to savor the little things.I made a little list of some of my "rich little things.." after supper kisses and" thanks Mom"
a smile that warms me,clean sheets, hot tea,lunch and laughing with my daughter,that phone call from friend asking if I'd like to go to Costco,hearing my favorite song,reading a book that my sister recommended,friends  who pray for me, skiing in fresh fallen snow, a dollar sale at the grocery store,
sunshine in winter, lemon candles, tidy closets, crackling fires, and the list really is endless.

The world is full of a number of things...
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.
Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. YES! Love it....you forgot that first blissful swallow of coffee in the morning, wink:)

  2. That is too funny!! Brook opened a new tube of toothpaste today too and had that same joy that she just had to share with all who were around:)

  3. Beautiful blog! Tell your daughter, I get it!

    I also love that Josh Groban song too.


    Are you nearby in Ontario?

  4. I agree that it's the little things--including hot tea, Costco, and clean sheets:) Following our children's joy to notice those "little" things is such a blessing.

  5. What a nice reminder!! So thoughtful of you to stop by my place and welcome me back to blog land ! Bless you dear friend and your sweet family!


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