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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Still Life of my Week

A perfect week consists of equal parts people and solitude....

This was one of those weeks . I celebrated a birthday this week, not one that's a huge milestone just another jot in the story of life. My husband has often taken me out with friends on my birthday, bless his heart but I have explained to him just how much it means to involve the children in celebrating it. So this year they prepared supper; cedar plank salmon, rice, broccoli& salad. I WAS NOT allowed to help with it what so ever, so after sitting and watching them plunder about the kitchen, I asked if I could leave and visit my mother in law and they would call when it was ready. All their efforts were repaid as we sat down to enjoy a  very delectable meal.

Also had another delightful lunch and afternoon with my dear mother and sisters.Family is one of those special gifts I have grown to love and appreciate immensely. Each one of us so similar but different. each one of us connected in blood ties that form a strong bond. My sister who planned this event this year is likely the most creative person I know, and maybe even the most creative person .
Everything was lovely and scrumptious and truely a treat to the senses.After the meal we shared a piece of writing that inspired or touched us in some way.I left  filled , in mind and body.

The end of the week was a flurry of  appointments,cleaning,laundry,grocery shopping,driving to pick up daughter at college,making it home in time to go on date with hubby.How nice to be able to have children old enough to stay home alone.It's not all bad when they grow up.

Looking back on my week I realize just how much I am blessed with....
family,friends, health and most of all God's never ending  providence.

       My life shines with God's radiant blessings
         when my heart is the colour of joy.
                                  Thomas Kinkade


  1. LOVELY, lovely...oh, Lucy this makes me smile and warms my heart~ God bless you Sis as we struggle with the bittersweet ache of holding on and letting go~

  2. Well first of , if I didn't tell you Happy Birthday already....
    I'm getting ready for the tag game, hehe
    Many blessings for your Birthday!!

    1. Thank -you kindly Rayanne!
      Have fun with the tag game...
      I can't wait. :)

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like a lovely day.

    That quote is so pretty!


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