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Sunday, 17 June 2012

June ; A Reverie In Green

On God's green earth the ocean swims in brilliant blues
The yellow sun warms me and you
'Til it's chased by an iridescent moon
On God's green earth

On God's green earth the mountains climb with purple haze
Against a sky of stormy grays
There are ebony nights and silver days
On God's green earth

We live, we laugh and love and dance
'Cause God makes all things beautiful and perfect in His hands
We rise from the ashes of our past
'Cause we've learned the truth at last
Love is not blind
Every color shines
On God's green earth

On God's green earth...if every color was the same
And every child had just one name
There'd be no beauty for each of us to claim

On God's green earth
We see the scars of yesterday
Of wars that we cannot erase
But we can walk hand in hand in healing grace
On God's green earth
(Twila Labar, Joel Lindsay) song by Point Of Grace

                         I wonder what it would be like
to live in a world
where it was always June.
L M Montgomery.

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