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Monday, 25 June 2012

Life's Bittersweet Sentiment

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of
   holding on and letting go.
        (Havelock Ellis)
Summer's door has been flung open...          
I cast one last furtive glance towards
what can nor ever will be again.
I know life must be a forward journey.
That we live and learn, and the past
in all it's joys and sorrow,it's highs and lows...
shape us into who we've become today.

I pray I will not; because of fear or selfishness,
keep my children from experiencing all that life has to offer and teach them.
May they be rapt learners.
It takes a certain type of bravery from Above to be able to cross that bridge to the unknown.
Whether it's a child's first day of school or the last.

We must be strong and remember to hold the memories close enough to comfort us,  but far enough away not to cripple.

I always get sentimental at the end of the school year and beginning of summer...
It seems to reiterate so profoundly the ceaseless ebb of time.
Today second daughter wrote her last exam for grade 11,
then I took her to the camp she will be counselling at for the summer.
(hence the somewhat somber mood!)


  1. yes, bittersweet. Such good sentiments here. Close enough to comfort, far enough not to cripple ~ so very needed.

  2. Okee...such a true words.......it is no good to always look back...but letting go is so hard to do.... i try and try and do my best...almost one year my mom died......and i feel also one year really sad......life is hard sometimes.....but with God i can manage........and i will survive.....love love love hugs for you and your children.....xxx

  3. Your words here are beautiful. I have learned to treasure each and every season of this life. There is a song with the words in it that have stuck with me, "remember when the kids were small we won't look back and be sad but be glad for all the good times we had." I have to keep my feet firmly planted in the present or I really get carried back into a deep sadness..time goes by so swiftly. Seems as though they were just born and now my two youngest twins are graduating from the university. Treasuring the moments. =o)

    1. Thank -you Christine, your words have wisdom. and yes that quote is soooo true!!!!

  4. Lucy, I really understand what your heart speaks of here.
    Its evident that you are looking to Him and trusting in His love and care and keeping power over your childrens hearts and lives.
    This is beautiful and pleases our Lord so much.
    Beautiful photo of your precious ones!

    Deborah xo


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