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Monday, 28 October 2013

Is This The Beginning?

Hello, sometimes blogging feels like a crazy dance between inspiration and exhaustion for me. When I'm inspired, I often don't have time to write,
 but when I have time to write, I'm not inspired. 
Back and forth I go,until that rare moment when I am in sync with my muse and we mingle momentarily.

The piece below came from sitting through a commencement ceremony for second daughter.This is the final awards/graduation from high school and into life..(aka work or further education etc.)

              I forgot my camera,:( thankful my friend had hers for some pics she'll give me.)
                                          so these are from google....
My eyes are riveted at the feet passing by. I am a couple chairs away from the aisle.The band is  playing triumphantly to signal the finish of
The finish of commencement. Can you finish a beginning?

The feet draw me. First I  watched their faces, but  soon I dropped my gaze down low to the floor. 
I like shoes, and there  is every kind of shoe here.
Outrageous high heels,classic heels,wonderful wedges, practical flats, flirty flip flops, shiny gentleman shoes, tired running shoes, cowboy boots, hipster boots, no rubber boots I guess:)
Personalities expressed in foot wear passing by in a blur to begin.
Ready to end the formalities and begin reality.

We all walk away from commencement.  We all have shoes to put on.
Shoes we thought would help us navigate  the lifelong lesson of learning.
Learning about ourselves, about others, and this great big but shrinking world.
We learn to look out, away from ourselves for happiness, for belonging. 
We experience love, acceptance, hurt and betrayal. 
We  out grow the shoes purchased for commencement and realise we have a long way to go before we arrive.

The room at commencement was filled with promise and potential.
Three hundred graduates ready to pursue their purpose and calling.

I am inspired sitting in the audience,  just me, but a small sphere of influence in my own small world, encouraged by youth, by passion and vision. 
Encouraged to dream, to live not recklessly, but faithfully.

To walk gracefully and full of grace, in spite of shoes that may not always be comfortable. 

    my daughter kicked off these heels and ran barefoot to our vehicle.
                 It's hard to chase dreams in heels I guess...:)


  1. love it! I remember being immensely moved at each of my daughter's commencements. the trick is to learn to keep dreaming and dancing no matter our age.

    love that last line:)

  2. beautiful. I love your writing and your thoughts.

  3. Lucy,

    Although you and your muse don't always 'hit it off', your writing DOES manage to strike a chord with me every time. Your perception of the world around you is communicated in quiet, but clear, observations and conclusions and today's thoughts are no exception. I'd like to quote from some of these today, but I'd only end up repeating the whole post.

    All the best to your second daughter and may her new beginning be a beautiful one!


  4. Like the way you used the shoes. . .
    also, I relate so much to your beginning words about the time to write not corresponding to the the times when I'm inspired/need to write. Interesting how that works.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...