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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Abodes With Appeal

    'Our town' has an abundance of quaint and beautiful homes....
       I'm sharing a sprinkling of them with you today...
        I drive by this bright, yellow door often. I love it's cheery                   ambiance on it's mostly white and grey background.

                    I  find a red door classic and timeless.

           this house had a transformation recently. I love it!(above photo)

                 lovely and nautical looking...( I always thought it would be fun to live in a house with a turret,although I'll take one without the halloween creature.)

                          very manor like....

             I want to sit on that porch and drink tea...

                           a mysteriously long house...

                 board and batten,I see this in the country...

sometimes  while driving, my kids and I will play a game we read about in a book, we try and describe who lives in a house that we 
see. It's a fun exercise for imaginations and interesting to hear what each person 'sees' by looking at the outside.
                           hmmmmm, could this be true for people as well?


                    and last but not least, Home Sweet Home.
                             Happy October 1st.
                    I am painting my front door today.....black of all things!! and I love it.....
                                                We're fun on the inside:))


  1. o-o-oh! LOVE the black. There are some really nice black doors on the same streets as some of the photos you took! That street is lined with stunning houses. On Sunday we we drove past those houses I chuckled and said to Jim that there must be a "I've got the brightest door' contest going on...isn't there a bright purple one too?

    1. thanks sis...yes you're right there is...your comment made me smile:))

  2. That was fun! I like black doors. We are going to paint ours and the shutters a color callled zinc. It is a dark charcoal grey. Thank you for your words at my In The Quiet blog.

    1. that color sounds lovely, Kerrie.

  3. Loved the tour, Lucy. Very nice homes, including yours! Thanks for sharing. Susan


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