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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mid October Hello

                     I am not sure what has happened to my week.

October is half done. Half way- like my feelings for it. I am sorry to anyone who welcomes it wholeheartedly, I simply find summer with the exception of the unduly hot days, to be my favourite.
The fact that I have half way warmed to fall is progress, and that is after all what we should strive for, right?


         This beautiful, old building is a two minute drive from my house. 
It recently opened as a furniture resale shop and art gallery. I have to tell you that when I spied the sign as I sat at the lights one day, I could barely contain my excitement...so much creativity and  inspiration so close to home!
                              here is a glimpse of what's inside...and it became clear as I         chatted with the owner that I would pop in quite regularly!

              I will share more of this artful place another time...
for now just sit here  a bit....
because sometimes life is simply heavy...
take a load off...
speaking of; I have been reading this book..

Yancey's writing is compelling and honest.
I cannot decide which excerpt to choose, so if you can, find a copy.
It will bless you.

because there are some things that can only be shared
 in a true heart to heart with our heavenly Father in prayer.

Prayer is an expression of who we are...we are a living incompleteness. we are a gap, an emptiness that calls for fulfillment...(Thomas Merton)


  1. I'd be popping in that shop as well! That last photo is the perfect accompaniment to the prayer quote by Merton. The Yancey prayer book needs to go on my list:) I am a fan of fall, but I think it's because our summers are so intense and our winters seldom so. If this winter goes as long as the last one did, I may not be excited for fall next year! I do think there's something nice about just knowing who we are, what we like, and embracing it:)

  2. Thank you Amy. You're right, sometimes I feel guilty for not falling for fall like so many who love it...
    perhaps if I lived where the summer's were long and intense I'd feel differently.

  3. Lucy,

    Beautifully bright photos of a 'well seasoned' season! I'm glad you are warming up to the idea of this most atmospheric and inspiring one! Wow! I love the exterior of your new favourite place, not to mention the pretty treasures inside! Tell me, are those red Adirondack chairs part of a park setting? What a glorious idea!

    Prayer is pure communication, is it not? You speak, and you are heard. No interruptions, no distractions, simply one voice, clear and near, in full attention. Always.

    Wishing you a peaceful and pretty weekend.


  4. Hi Poppy, thank you.Yes, those chairs are part of a park in the heart of my little town...It's a former gas station transformed.
    I love how you described prayer. YES! What a gift.

  5. I have to confess that summer is my favourite too Lucy!
    But when I was younger, autumn was.
    The colours have been so gorgeous! I went to Haliburton on the Thanksgiving weekend and the journey there and back was breath-taking! Such colour and beauty for us to enjoy! God is so good.
    That shop looks wonderful and inviting! Love the name!
    Happy October to you too!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  6. Oh and that book looks great! I am enjoying Richard Fosters book on Prayer.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...