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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

October Debut

                                 October arrived yesterday.
                      The day began in calm and soothing grey.

the fog gave way to sunshine,brilliant benevolent beauty
For after all, it isn't what we keep that makes us happy.

                             It is what we give away.
                     So October gave  gladly and blithely,

crisp apples.... and pears.


                                                              invitations to  important occasions
                                                                       (wedding invitation in back)

                                                             my lavender has done well...
love zinnias

delicious squash soup with a good friend..

                                  fall decor...    

    Hearts were bolstered by it's generosity.
         Courage came to stay, for whatever lay beyond October.


  1. Hello sweet friend! ;)
    I have missed you!
    Yes, October...heartwarming month.
    Love all your thoughts and photos. Squash soup...yum! And to share it with a friend...beautiful!
    Pumpkins? Awww I'd love to grow some pumpkins!
    Lavender is gorgeous! Apples and pears....delicious-ness ;)
    That barn is so pretty...love the greys.
    You are blessed, we are blessed. Sigh....God is so good xo
    Love & hugs to you Lucy

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  2. Love your October photos. It's my favorite month of the year and I think you've captured it well. The squash soup looks yummy!

  3. Lovely photos of October's arrival and all it bountiful beauty! Of course, the best decorating is done by a woman who knows her craft well - Mother Nature and all her eye-catching accessories!

    PS: How lucky you are to live among such wonders!

  4. Yes, I feel so blessed. God is good.
    Autumn especially has such an abundance of tangible blessings.

    PS.The barn in the photo is my neighbors.


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