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Monday, 7 October 2013

Stark Message

                              This tree caught my attention on my walk last week.....
                            brave beauty seems enhanced by a certain vulnerability.

I stare at it's bare and gnarled limbs, feeling a strange connection to it's condition.
I study it's offering,trying to figure out what kind it is.


                                    Fruit clings and holds on, even though the tree is bare.
                                                                   It offers and gives. 


                                       For it isn't wealth that makes us generous,
                                           It's generosity that makes us wealthy.

 Aren't nature's lessons always the most profound?



  1. beautiful. I love the last lines: it isn't wealth that makes us generous, it's generosity that makes us wealthy. So true.

  2. Hello Lucy...Got caught up on all those lovely posts. It's fall there, too! Nice photos.

    And you are so right that generosity makes us rich. Nice thought. Susan

  3. Hi Lucy!
    Love this!
    And yes, it's so true, natures' lessons are the most profound.
    I have to ask you...when I respond to your comments on my blog Lucy, do you receive them?
    I'm just uncertain because it always shows as if its going somewhere else.
    Can you send me your email address so I can put it in my files? ;)

    All my heart,

  4. This tree offers a beautiful lesson.

  5. Lucy, what observation and truth in your wisdom today! Those last two lines are 'priceless'. Beautiful photos to illustrate your gesture, as always.

    Happy Thanksgiving, to you, too!


  6. I could look at trees all day! I love your vision here, both in the photos and the words.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...