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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Gardener's Muse

one of my favorite quotes on gardening got me to thinking and rambling a little....  

   "One of the greatest mistakes you can make as a gardener,
                     is to think that you are in charge."

Gardening and parenting can be deceptive. I guess when you consider that Eve was deceived in a garden, it makes sense.
What I am referring to though is the notion that we deserve the credit. (or the blame)
Yes I understand we plant, water, weed, prune. 
Gardeners are always on the look out for ways and ideas that would better the end result.
 We spend hours perusing the perfect plants and ultimate design.                                  But we can never solely predict the outcome. There is far too much we don't know.
There is far too much we can not control.
There is soil conditions and droughts and torrential down pours. 
Sometimes we are simply baffled, because it would seem we have tried everything.

With our children we teach, correct,train, pray.
We dedicate ourselves to this awe inspiring work. One that ultimately ends up teaching us more than we feel we taught them.
Our children are our "flowers"and we want the best blooms possible.
Our children grow up, they are faced with life's challenges and choices.
We understand that their sphere of influence has shifted away from us for a time.
We have learned there is much we can not control.

Then we remember that we are not in charge.We are merely the tools in a far greater design and plan.
When we grasp this there is a deeper reverie for gardens, and in our hearts a wiser understanding.
                                       last evenings rainbow...


  1. What a grand view ...and perspective.
    So true.
    Your gardens look lovely Lucy.

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  2. Oh I agree with Deborah. And your garden patch is so large and wonderful. xxo

  3. such a beautiful garden & the evening rainbow you captured is gorgeous ♥

  4. Lucy,

    All true, your wise and eloquent words, today, but when you are blessed with beautiful and thriving gardens like these, dotted with colourful pretties and enriched with edible plants, then, perhaps, one is more accepting of things that we cannot control or understand and finds it easier to leave all the intrigue to the gardener's muse, whose green thumb is evident in the hands or 'tools' of its caretaker.



thank you and blessings for words from your heart...