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Friday, 25 July 2014

Weekend Adventure

Recently hubby and I had a weekend get away to a bed and breakfast inn near Huntsville Ontario.

We made our escape on the motorcycle after our kids had all been safely accounted for and with people we trusted. These getaways haven't been too frequent due to the fact that my vocation as a parent is not one I take lightly. that being said my vocation as wife is equally important.

"Quality time" is my husband's love language , so time away from the demands of home life rate high for him. I on the other hand enjoy being away...(it's simply the packing and preparing that tend to make me drag my feet). 

It is very therapeutic riding on the back of a motorcycle though, with the wind blowing in your face and the jagged ribbon of highway billowing in front, than behind.


It is a great time to get lost in your own thoughts, view nature from a different perspective and admire pretty homes and gardens.

On the way to our destination we rode through many picturesque, sea side towns...
                                                                  stopped at this one..


The bed and breakfasts two rooms were  already booked, so due to the fact that we know the owners,:) they let us stay in the boathouse (which they can't rent out officially due to insurance reasons.)

My romantic side was smitten with the boathouse as soon as I saw it. 
Nestled unassumingly beside the water, and filled with rustic charm it seemed to exude both tranquility and mystery.
                         (I may never leave:)


                          the winding staircase ...

                                 enjoying fruit fondue..

                               our room (love the quilts..)


Hubby and I enjoyed our wee get away. The next day we hopped back on the bike and meandered home to life. 

Back home to the duties of the week, the constant upkeep and repairs and demands, that come with an ordinary life. 
The everyday, that after even a weekend away make me realize again,
 that life is a sacred blessing.

                              stopping for a train to pass..

    Happy Weekend, ( have you ever slept in a boat house?)


  1. Oh Lucy. It all looks so dreamy! And those bed quilts? Gorgeous. So glad you and your hubby had a getaway. You both deserved it! Take another one soon! Susan

  2. Oh, my...what a charming place to have a getaway!!

    Your words spoke to me today. I, too, take my job as "mother" very seriously. But you're oh-so-right that the job of "wife" is a very serious one too. Sometimes that job seems less "immediate," if that makes sense? But taking the time is good and wonderful and needed. Thanks!

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Your up close and personal adventure, and our dreamy, armchair one, result in the same message, both in images and words, as a beautiful pause from the ongoing sentence of life. Thank you for sharing the prettiness of our province!


  4. Lucy,
    Your weekend getaway sounds so nice. I like the charming boathouse you stayed at, and the view of the water and greenery is dreamy. How fun it must have been to get on the back of the motorcycle and drive away from it all. Sometimes we have to do that, and we come back refreshed and better people after our time away. I love the charming feel of the house, especially that winding staircase.

    So glad to see your sweet face on my post today. I hope you are enjoying the summer days.


  5. What a dreamy boathouse. I have never slept in one, but your photographs are so inspiring.
    Thank you for visiting my page, Lucy. Looking forward to stopping by again soon.
    Much love!

  6. I have not slept in a boat house but your weekend getaway sounds lovely. I found my way here from The Grower's Daughter and your comment. I am another Ontario blogger, from Halton. I'm now following.

    1. I too found my way over here, and although I have never had the pleasure of sleeping in a boathouse, it looks like it would be the most charming getaway.


  7. Lucy this looks so beautiful!!!! No wonder you didn't want to leave!
    I love b & b's! And I find that Huntsville is such a scenic area.
    Oh I'm so glad you were both able to catch some special time alone together! You're right, I would have loved it!
    How brave you are to bike!
    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo


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