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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Rather Distracted

I keep thinking about doing a blog post, but I keep being distracted...
                                                    by sunsets,
                                                  and fire works.
                             by children who play 
        in late afternoon shadows...
                                                by places to recline...

              and small sanctuaries...
and wings..
and that pile of books.
by gardens

and what lies beyond.

by trying new things...
(like lavender)


and remembering...

So although I have been distracted, 
it has been with good things,
rich, resonating and real.
The stuff of blog posts I guess:)


  1. Hi Lucy....After the big wedding, you deserve to take a break! Enjoy each moment, savor the seconds. Life is truly good and blessed. Susan

  2. No wonder you have been distracted!!!!!
    Just lovely! Isn't this season just filled with wonderment and happy things?!
    I loved seeing all your distractions but the last one outdid them all.
    How absolutely gorgeous she is!!!!
    Hugs and kisses xoxoxo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  3. Enjoyed each beauteous 'distraction'. Each photo portraying some aspect so perfectly. Absolutely loved the wedding photo of how the sun shone through the doorway spilling onto the Bride...utterly exquisite!

    So glad you took a moment to share these with us.

    1. Thank you my friends...yes that last shot is stunning...(taken by her photographer)
      and I have plans to get it on canvas for her.:)

  4. Oh Lucy, you have lifted my spirit with your glorious photos of your amazingly beautiful world, home, garden and daughter! You are truly blessed, my friend, and I hope you feel distracted for a very long time.

    Happy summer!



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