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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

As Long

There is something about hollyhocks  that I absolutely adore!  Long associated with cottages and a simpler time, these charming blooms evoke whimsy and nostalgia.
This year a good amount of rain and sun have produced showstopping blooms!
Hence a post dedicated to hollyhocks...


As long as there are   hollyhocks beside a fence in July                                   
And  mothers who sing to keep hope alive.

As long as children play, without thought of tomorrow

Imagination unfurled, unfettered by sorrow.

As long as we pick those flower bouquets,

And place them in vases to brighten our day.

As long as fathers come home after work

To loved ones and laughter and familiar quirks.  

Despair  can be quelled and bad news can't dismay

For we find what we look for at the end of the day

Life can be beautiful, a work of rare art,

A silhouette of the shape of our heart.

As long as there's hollyhocks beside a fence in July

And mothers  who sing to keep hope alive.(L.M.)


  1. amen! LOVE it. you have so many colors too! if you go to the mall soon check out the flower garden on the far edge of Conestoga. gorgeous holly-hocks there too!

  2. Thank you. Sounds good, I have a reason to go to the mall now! :)

  3. I have never had any luck with growing hollyhocks. Yours are beautiful!!!! I always wanted to grow them for my daughter holly :) But did you know that they are poisonous? Thank you for your kind comment...it keeps me posting. xx

  4. Hi Kerrie, That's sweet.I always wanted to grow Jasmine for my daughter Jasmine...
    I did not know they are poisonous, but so many plants are.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Oh Lucy. What lovely flowers. They are nostalgic and old-fashioned. Soooo pretty. Susan

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  7. Oh Lucy, your hollyhocks are pure sweetness!! What a story book scene of bliss, your garden is; I can feel the freshness of the green and the cheer of the colours that abound in your charming hollyhocks! Lovely poem, my friend!


  8. Lucy I adore hollyhocks! Yours are so gorgeous! I just spotted some down in Bancroft Ontario yesterday...they always make me smile.
    Love those thoughtful and sentimental words.
    Hope your summer is filled with much love and laughter ..and pure joy in His presence!
    Hugs xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  9. Such pretty hollyhocks, Lucy. And what a nice poem. It sounds like a thankful poem.



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