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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Flying FaithFILLED Year

I don't usually talk specifically about my kids on this blog, but I thought I'd share a little about the journey my second daughter Katrina has been on this past year.
A year ago we were getting ready to say good bye to her as she headed off to spend a year in Toronto working as a missionary with Urban Promise. She had a passion to be involved with inner city children and youth, and share God's love with them.
AND she thought it would be pretty cool to leave the country and move to the city:)
                                                               the good-bye

I had my qualms as any Mom would , but I knew I had to place all my fears into the hands of the One who loves my child more than I ever could.
Katrina had an absolutely amazing year there, although it wasn't without many challenges. 
She wrote about some of these on her blog...http://butneverabandoned.blogspot.ca/2014/08/goodbye-part-two.html


That year she spent away from home was likely one of the fastest years for me. 
Eldest girl Brittany was planning a wedding here on the farm. For a big part of the year life lens seemed focused on that, while we prepped and planned their wedding and future home. 

I always dreaded the thought of my children leaving home. 
Now suddenly my house has emptied by two thirds. This unsettles me, but not in the way I expected it too.
My children's journey seems to become my own.
I learn that my life does not revolve solely around them anymore.
 I am happy to see them happy. I almost feel a strange but exciting kind of freedom.
I learn that loving, truly does mean to give them wings. 

I remember after my husband and I dropped Katrina off a year ago, we stopped and ate dinner at an outdoor patio in the city.
 It had been a beautiful September day, and the sky was an ocean of blue.
We were close to the airport so my eyes kept being drawn to the planes flying just over our heads.                                                           

 No one else seemed to notice them but I could not ignore their poignant statement.
I felt like they were a message. A pronounced object lesson on faith and trust.
I have thought about the way those planes flew over our heads often over this past year.

Katrina's year was also my year. My year to trust more. My year to really let go and let God.
My year to see again how good God is, how He never abandons us, or leaves us hopeless.
As I sat beside my daughter at a recent praise and worship service,  I could not stop the tears as we sang....

From the rising to the setting sun. His love endures forever.
And by His grace we will carry on. His love endures forever.
Forever God is faithful, forever God is strong.
Forever He is with us. Forever. Forever.  (Chris Tomlin)

 now...settling into dorm life at Tyndale university in Toronto.


  1. It is hard to let them go. I am in the same season. Two of mine have left and two remain. My third leaves next Summer. I do like having time to be an artist again but I miss them every day. I miss their little voices and presence surrounding me. Your daughter is beautiful inside and out. xxo

  2. Oooooo... I am so moved by your post and all you've shared in it. I ever stand amazed at His grace... and his amazing ability to work all things together--messes, mistrusts, and all--so that we each receive good from it.

    A wonderful testimony... So glad you felt to tell us of both the outer and inner journeys. Flying to freedom. Go and be as the butterfly....


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    1. thank you Kerrie and Brenda. By His amazing Grace we go....

  4. Dear Lucy,

    You cannot know how timely and touching your words are to me today. You know that my only child, now 25, has been working and living in Unionville for over a year and a half, and although I am so very proud of her and happy for her, I miss her so much. We are very far away from one another, and despite our daily phone conversations or weekly Skype sessions, I don't know how long I will be able to live so far apart from her. Yes, we bring them up to be confident in their lives, but how often do we think that they will be unreachable, too far away for hugs and frequent visits? Best of luck to your beautiful daughter; how lucky you are that she is still a drive away.


  5. So beautiful Lucy.
    He doesn't waste anything, does he?
    Always at work in our lives and the ones we adore. So good to hear your testimonies of His goodness and love!
    Hugs from here to my favourite part of Ontario!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo


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