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Friday, 19 September 2014

For The Love Of Lavender

I planted lavender this year and today seemed like the perfect day to bring some of that aromatic and wistfully, romantic flower inside.

strange, I had admired this lovely,elusive scented herb for years before I finally decided to purchase some...

          my lavender replaced my failing raspberry plants..(.although I did keep a portion of those too:)

Isn't it dreamy? I interspersed the plants with a rock place mat from the dollar store...
 shortly after I planted my lavender I came across this pair of chairs by the curb for free.      
                            Isn't serendipity Divine?

playing some more here...in between making applesauce, and doing laundry and more gardening..but this is a lavender post!

 because we all need days that rejuvenate our senses...

days that our spirit is renewed, not by materialism but by simple and earthy elements..natures best, restoring our souls with solitude and garden gifts.



  1. Mmmm...I think I can smell your lavender from here! Such a beautiful plant. Yes...dreamy, romantic, delicate. I have not succeeded with lavender in my herb garden...yours is lovely!

  2. Dear Lucy,

    Your photos and words today are pure therapy for the senses and the soul. Scented loveliness, pretty displays, and reflective thought, all simple luxuries for soothing and rejuvenating one's world. How serendipitous indeed, to have chanced upon those lavender hued chairs?! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing!


  3. Lost my first comment! What a beautiful post! Your lavender is gorgeous! May I ask what variety this is? I am looking forward to replacing some of our lavender in the spring, so I am studying some favorites! It looks so lovely styled in your home.

  4. Thank you friends.
    Monica, I planted two varieties...I think one is English and one French..
    I am really hoping it will make it through the winter, maybe I'll cover it. right on the border here for it as a perennial

  5. Your lavender is so romantic. I have grown it I every home we have lived in. It grows well in Northern California. Sadly as my allergies have gotten worst I have become allergic to it. So I only have one lavender plant in my garden right now. But every spring I cannot resist buying it and growing in a pot for a season or two. I will always love lavender. Even the name is lovely.

    Thank you for your kind words left on my blog. They always mean so much. Love xxo Kerrie

  6. English lavender is my favorite. It does look like you have both English and French lavender.

  7. Lavender is, in my not so humble opinion, one of natures masterpieces. It has such a romantic air, and the fragrance is divine!

    The chairs were meant to be found by none other than you. Now they are happily at home in your lovely garden.

    I found you via our mutual friend Poppy and am happy to meet you Lucy :)

  8. Beautiful post Lucy! Your lavender is so gorgeous and I love all your photos! Its true, we do need days just to create and rejuvenate.
    I love those cute chairs too...so lovely!
    Big hugs!!!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo


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