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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Getting Ready

The mountain ash outside the window is looking a little thread bare these days.
It clings to it's scarlet berries in a vain attempt to dignity.

Evening bike rides once a leisurely escape, are now a desperate dash against the ever so prompt close of day.

      Jeans become an essential part of the ward robe again.

            Salsa is canned from rampant, brimming gardens.

      Intriguing books make their way home from libraries.                        

I reluctantly close the window by my kitchen sink. I keep it open all summer unless there is a heavy down pour. I leave it open a little...I must hear the sounds from nature and the traffic on the road. It's strange but it soothes me.

Are you like me does the departure of summer make you feel  a little spent? all the while its strides away, oblivious to any stir of emotion it may have caused...

Happy weekend to you.  Our plans to attend the fall fair today look like they need improvisation....let's see....

                                 to be continued...


  1. Lucy, I am energized by the coming of autumn! It is my favorite season, hands down. However, the past two summers, I have been content to linger, soaking up the good things of summer instead of waiting for it to end. (That is big progress for me!) :)

    Enjoy your weekend as you transition from one season to another...another season of the year, another season for your life.

  2. Lucy, I'm guessing that by now you are aware that autumn has stolen my heart, but just as Cheryl mentions above, summer is increasingly romancing me too. It might have something to do with growing younger. ;)
    Love that last image, and your kitchen window is perfect. I tend to daydream while I wash the dishes, so that view is calling my name.
    Was delightful visiting with you today.
    Much love!

  3. Catching up on your recent posts, having been away for a few days, I feel nostalgic about Septembers in Ontario, yellow school buses making their rounds, reading by the window, cool, crisp mornings, and cozy, hot chocolate afternoons. It's hot here in the Med, and we're expecting yet another heatwave this Sunday, when temps are expected to reach 32ºC by Tuesday! How I miss those romantic, rainy days of fall! Enjoy the four gorgeous seasons, my friend, as we only get two!



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