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Monday, 14 September 2015

Affording Luxury

After a very cool weekend weather wise, the sun is shining here today.

and after suddenly being hit with with flu, I also am starting to shine.

Wow, I have been blessed with such good health and being knocked flat for a few days certainly reminds me not to take it for granted ever...

          decided to bring a few hydrangea in to dry,
I love this colour and hope they stay this way after drying. I have often waited to dry until October when they turn lovely pink, but I'll likely pick more than.

                                        a few yummy peaches waiting for a jar...

                                 and with the hints of fall in the air, indoor greenery is essential.

                                   my kitchen sink window. I don't think I could function without it.             
       there is almost always a breeze wafting through it, making me feel like I am out doors. off in the trees you'll see the hammock my girls crafted with an old comforter, many fun times spent there.

                     an easy way to add greenery on a wall...

     because I really believe this quote found on pinterest.


I really believe that is the key, whether the things are tangible or intangible, like feeling better after the flu, a luxury indeed.



  1. Hi Lucy,

    What an enlightening post! Glad you are feeling stronger; I'm sure your kitchen sink view had a lot to do with that! Yes, indoor floral and foliage is definitely a must in the next upcoming months! Forget the apples, let's pick some greenery!


  2. Oh Lucy, so sorry you were sick. Sometimes it does take a sick day or two to help us renew our gratitude for good health. Lovely post and photos. Susan


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...