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Friday, 11 September 2015

Unfathomable but Real

There are few things that connect a diverse crowd like that of a sunset. Observed this recently as I was in the midst of a busy beach scene at dusk.

How interesting that midst all the noise and hub bub the sun silently stole the show.
Made me glad we hadn't quite had time to get ice cream before and head to the quiet part of the beach like planned.
As all of us watched and madly took photos, the sun gracefully slid out of sight.

I marveled at the magnificent Artist behind the sunset.
The One who placed that unfathomable bond between humanity and heaven.

 While it is still day, we must do the works of the one who sent me. Night is coming. Then no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9, 4&5

for the record ice cream was enjoyed here on the grass,
back stage, wish I had a better photo but there are moments especially while eating ice cream 
 and listening to music, that one must simply be...right?

Happy Weekend,
 may it perhaps even include your favorite ice cream!


  1. only the One and only true God can amaze, comfort, reassure, strengthen, forgive and sustain daily! hallelujah! Aren't you glad you got to see a sunset and it wasn't an over-cast day?!

  2. Spectacular photos, Lucy. Just spectacular. You have captured the essence of a glorious sunset by the Number One Artist of all time-----our Lord. Thank you so much. Susan

  3. Delightful!! Beautiful pictures! Absolutely, such wonder gives glory to the Artist!

    (Funny...we observed a sunrise over the ocean earlier this week!)

  4. Lucy, what a beautiful sunset. Yes, we must all stop to see a sunset and enjoy eating our icecream. : )

    love, ~Sheri


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