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Friday, 18 September 2015

The Chalk Paint Chronicles (and Moderation)

About a year ago, I dipped my brush into the can of paint to begin my first chalk paint project. I haven't looked back since...
It has been a wonderful year of trial, error and tears.  No actually no tears, just happy smiles as I finish something and gently plan and dream the next redo.
I say gently, because here for all parties involved, change is best made s l o w l y...
( ha, even for me, who am I kidding!)

Here are most of the things that were painted with chalk paint during this year...and at the end you'll see what I am considering to paint, e v e n t u a l l y ... maybe..
     sorry for not having before photos,

           the desk in my girls ( now the younger two) room was the guinea pig!
which led up to the china cabinet in my kitchen..
 still my favourite project to date...

I also painted out the orangey brown vanity in the laundry room...                                  

and a table for the family room..

this summer an old beat up end table from the basement, found a spot in my son's room.

my latest endeavour was this cute ladder I found in a thrift store while with second daughter one day...I'll see if she needs it for her apartment in Toronto...

It's hard to tell here, but it was pink before...and now it's the last of the hutch's french linen 

So now the moment to ask / share what I am contemplating painting next....

a beautiful clock from hubby many years ago...( I mean the clock, not hubby and yes he is beautiful too!)

Yes, No, Neutral???
I hope I haven't created any enemies!!

Here is the room it quietly resides in...beside the lovely desk which for the record I will NEVER chalk paint!
I don't think so anyway....but then again... 

because I believe...


Happy Weekend, thanks for visiting!
to be continued...


  1. Oh Lucy, lovely job painting the furniture pieces. They look splendid. Is it hard to use the chalk paint, I wonder? Don't you have to wax it afterward? Just curious. Anyway, fabulous job, really. Susan

    1. Hi Susan, I do use wax on the paint, Annie Sloan's clear wax is great, it helps to give it better durability and sheen. Thanks for visiting.

  2. So beautiful Lucy!
    I love that hutch. Is it French linen? I am going to paint a buffet I have...excited about that!
    We just got a "chalk paint" store in our city and I went to visit the other day. So gorgeous...Im considering taking the one class which shows four of the painting techniques. Should be fun!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo


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