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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Summer, Surrender and Sunflowers

Summer is still putting on a show most days...
The sunflowers are happy like sunflowers should be...

I've noticed though they are bowing their heads...
It's like they know the inevitable awaits.


  I love watching nature surrender.
 there is a sacredness in the surrender that summer succumbs to.


I get that. Summer and I are kindred spirits..
We understand each other and share comfortable silence.

So while I tend to the duties of daily life
I press close each faded bloom that summer leaves me.
love letters of fond devotion are folded in each petal


in increments small but tender
 I release each gift back to the Giver.


           and like the sunflowers bow my head in late day sun.


                     a field of sunflowers I photographed this summer

You may know by now, that few things make me more sentimental than summer's end and children growing up. They are actually quite synonymous to me, but no thing is forever, except the faithfulness of our God  in each and every season, and that makes the surrender 

Freedom comes after surrender <-- let go. surrender. taste freedom. http://www.minnesota.christianexaminer.com/Articles/Apr12/Art_Apr12_04.html: t
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ever thought of drying sunflowers? Here is a link to tell you how...


  1. Utterly spectacular photos, Lucy. Sooooo incredible. You are a wonderful photographer. Thanks for such a lovely post. Susan

  2. Oh, such nice pictures. The sunflower field is so wunderful! Summers end makes me also sentimental.
    Nice greetings,


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