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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Back To Beginnings

         The abandoned art table in the basement says it all....                                                  
                          the quote says that's the trouble in this world, too many people grow up. (Walt Disney)

It's that time of year again. I open my eyes on that back to school and routine morning and decide rain is an appropriate synopsis for September sentimentality.  The summer in all of it's breath taking brevity always ends too soon,and ready or not that old school bus trundles it's way up the hill to pick up my children. And ready or not I accept the relentless march of time and constant motion of change.
I watch them go with a mixture of emotions.Them so independent and ready to 'take on the world.'...
Me;  not sure how they will survive.
There is much I don't understand....

Then I remember lying in the waves at the lake. Their  gentle motion soothe my spirit and I feel brave and fearless. Undaunted by all the uncertainties that are certain to blur my faith on days.
But here midst the fluid motion of the water, the ethereal blanket of sky stretched above me I feel confident and unafraid.

We were altogether as a family, a rare treat in and of it's self, but we were also by the lake and there is no place here on earth that is better than creating sun drenched family memories. We end off the summer together and I cherish each fleeting moment.



They are growing up; or they have grown up, and back home alone in my kitchen,that feels so clean in comparison to the woods and beach,  I bite into a juicy over ripe pear, that should have been preserved before we left. I wipe the juice from my chin thankful. 
Reveling in a summer well spent, days, moments. memories created and loved.

I will keep my heart wide open, like the surface of a lake. Wide open like a lake. (Sara Groves)


  1. ah yes...yet returning to routine like slipping into that comfy old sweater. It feels familiar:) But definitely NOT needing a sweater today!!

  2. Your Summer's ending at the lake together is what we live for isn't it? We did not get to be together with all of our children this Summer. Just fleeting moments of one passing through and then another. So I look forward to Autumn/Winter in hopes that we will all be gathered around the table or fire pit. We will try to camp at the lake in November. Wishing yours the best in school and home life. xo

  3. That was a lovely post, Lucy. A bit nostalgic and bittersweet but sweet, too. I have similar feelings about time marching on. Susan

  4. Hello Lucy,
    I have found your lovely blog. Your pictures are so beautiful. We had also a very beautiful summer in Austria this year.
    I want to follow your blog. Maybe you want to follow me?
    Nice greetings,


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