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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Handy Silver Plate

                 I rearranged a cupboard a few weeks ago and try as I might,
                           I could not find a spot for this old, silver plate.

    no room here...

or here,

or down here,

 for lack of a better place it ended up in the middle of the table...  
                  where last week it held sweet treats...

and also these scrumptious oatmeal apple butter cookies...
good any time of the day ...
or a new fruit bowl per say...

          Sometimes I banish things, thoughts or ideas  because they seem too odd or too ordinary, when like this plate maybe they are simply waiting to be discovered and given a chance at the beauty of usefulness. 

  climbing back on the gratitude wagon...
daughter adjusting well to life in the city.
Jasmine bravely trying out for solo part
that fix little kids have...when I help at school and the two that come here after...
listening to my youngest two talk...about life/school/friends in the dark van on the way home from Target
after school job for son
letters in the mail
dates on the calendar
hubby still riding motor cycle to work
new tree planted
Christian radio

May you have a day full of  beauty and usefulness.



  1. okay, this really made me smile:) We have some similar looking cabinets. . . and it's so great the way a lack of storage space put it to beautiful use.

  2. Lucy, your old silver plate has been given a new responsibility, housing goodies of the sweet and healthy kind, and that is why it didn't belong, or fit, in all the other places you tried to accommodate it.

    PS: Your teacup shelves are very pretty!

  3. I was just going to suggest using it for fruit before I saw the last picture! Cookies are a great idea too!


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