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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rippling Smooth

                                                     lake photos taken this summer

The waves have splashed  the rocks until they are  sanded smooth.
 Smooth like a glass lake face.
So perfectly smooth it's depths hidden from the casual observer.
I ponder what is beneath it's surface that is serene and exudes calm.

I come to experience and learn from smooth.
The gritty every day grind needs a reprieve and it is found in placid waters and rocky shores.
It is found in quiet beauty and  
and contemplation.
It is found where reflections and reality recede and we are still.

Now I make beds and smooth wrinkles from sheets.
I feel like in some  minuscule but profound way  I am making a difference.
 I pray for my children who sleep  here beneath the blankets I try to smooth daily, as I smooth these sheets and tuck in corners
I cover each one with my prayers,and I know they will be okay.


                       May the rough things in life make them smooth, 
            May the bumpy roads lead them to a place where desire and destiny are one.
                 May their hearts know the Peace that passes all understanding.

wrote this last week, prompted by the http://writealm.com/texture
writing prompts.

yes, I am one of 'those mother's' who usually makes her kids beds. Not always, but I like too as I use this time  to pray for them.

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  1. Oh, Lucy, I love your three wishes for your children! How inspiring this post was to read and think about. The fabric of life can be rough and wrinkly, and scratchy to the touch. It takes a loving hand and a caring heart to iron out the creases.

    Lovely thoughts and words.

    Hoping your week goes smoothly!




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