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Friday, 15 November 2013

My Garden Shed In Repose

             I did the final clean up of my yard and garden last week...
 inside my 'tool shed'...
Who knew there were so many nick knacks to put away.
I guess I don't add everything at once, but over time.

                     I wait until the bitter end to empty the garden though,
                           as if this somehow will extend the season.

     what a mess...some day this could be a studio or pretty shed...some day!

 I look back for a minute before I close the door. I wonder what may or may not transpire by the time I open this door to begin rooting for tools,pots and paraphernalia  to reinspire. 


                    Now all this is tired in every sense of the word.
                                 except for what remains..
                           A winter's nap sounds like a great idea....

just in time too...
                          (photo taken last week.)there is a few days of 'nice weather'in the                                                                                                      forecast  before we're back to cold.


  1. Your shed looks like our garage. It is nice to have a place, other than the garage, to store stuff. But your shed would make a lovely studio some day. We are lucky here because we can leave most things out all year long. I garden year round. We currently have so much lettuce that needs eaten! The spinach is almost ready too. My winter garden has grown fast. I remember when we lived in MO. The winter was so barren that i became deppressed. But God really spoke to me through that season.

  2. Oh Kerrie, having fresh lettuce and such would be a dream this time of year. I think I would love to live on the coast like you..:) .but God does have our days in His control and I have made recompense with the bareness of winter, because like you said He uses those times to draw us to Him.
    Thank you for blessing me with your visit...

  3. Ahhh...the change of seasons. Poignant to me right now as I consider the seasons of life. I have an aunt who is nearing the end of her time here...so much to ponder.
    So important to be prepared as you are preparing your yard and gardens.

  4. Thanks Cheryl for your thoughts. Fall is not my favorite season...but still a good one.

  5. Lucy!

    Lucky you! A soft snowfall, blanketing the land, putting to sleep your garden toys for a long winter's nap. Heard you had outrageously high temps in Toronto - has your tablecloth of crystal melted to make space for impromptu picnics?

    Happy Sunday, my friend!



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