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Monday, 11 November 2013

How Could I think I Didn't 'Have Time'

 Today was Remembrance Day in Canada. The day we remember those who fought for our 'freedom.'
The following is my thoughts from the ceremony I attended which I have done with 'our school' for the last number of years......

       The wind and sleet whip and pelt my face as I leave the warmth of my vehicle. I match my stride  with it's briskness.

In the distance I hear the reverberating  beat of the marching band and the sound of the bagpipes echoes with a sense of devout urgency.

I pick up my pace more and find a spot at the back of the crowd that has gathered for this solemn occasion.

The procession is making it's way through, stopping to receive orders and salute the general.   
I have shivers all the way down my back- and it isn't from the cold.

The ceremony begins. There is prayer. Beautiful prayers with words I wish I could write down.Prayers for freedom that was fought for, and freedom that we are still fighting for.
 There is scripture. 
An excerpt from Anne Frank's journal is shared.
 There is tributes to the deceased. Names are read.
Tears trickle with the rain drops.
 Two people sing a beautiful rendition of In Flanders Fields.
The wreaths are laid. The band plays Amazing Grace.
I am moved. I am moved not only by the solemnity of this occasion, 
but by the smallness of my every day concerns; like cold fingers and toes and bills, and what to make for supper. 
By the how and when of my day, and the things I fret about.
 Overwhelming gratitude flows for these trivialities and trials that make up my world and my life. I vow once again  to never take for granted the peace and hard fought freedom I have. 


            And I almost thought I 'didn't have time....' to come today....

                         I find the message in the following song incredibly powerful...



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  1. Dear Lucy,

    Your 'timely' post today, recounting your own, quiet, introspection at the Remembrance Day service you were fortunate to attend, as well as the beautiful song and the video, stirred the emotional well of my heart, causing tears of sadness and appreciation. God bless our land, glorious and free. Forever grateful for the courage and honour of those unforgettable souls, I am, who let it be.

    Thank you, sweet friend.



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