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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Beautiful Scraps

Last evening I was leafing through my scrap book. The one that is literally still scraps, not a book. Over the years I've cut out articles from the paper and special poems  I enjoyed and put them in here to glue eventually.

 As I read a few articles and recalled favourite newspaper columnists that have since stopped writing, my eyes fell on this obituary... 
I picked it up to read and realized this happened one year ago.
I talked about it here...                                                    

Remembering... remembering that's all I can do.
as if somehow I can bring her back 
here to this humble sod. 
I cradle bitter sweet memories,
Because now she belongs to God.L~M

I know this is a sad post. but I wanted to share because it got me thinking that life can feel alot like my scrap book ...sometimes I feel like all I have is scraps. Odds and ends and pieces, nothing to big or important. Just a motley array of this and that.
  In the end though when I am done here,  nothing will matter but how I lived my life and WHO I was living  for. I needed to be reminded of this once again.

                     please listen to this beautiful song talking about this...


  1. Hello Lucy...It's always sad when someone we love or admire goes to the other side of life. I like to think they continue to live even here on earth, through us! In our hearts and in our laughter. In our memories and in the way we live our own lives.

    The song was very beautiful. Had not heard that one before. So true, too, wasn't it? Susan

  2. Lucy, thank you for sharing this and the gentle reminder that goes along with. xo


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...