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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Christmas Wish or Something Like It...

It is that time of year where inevitably the conversation turns to what do you want for Christmas? My kids are getting older and gone are the days it seems of buying them toys that come in packaging that requires undoing umpteen twist ties, or loads of Lego blocks...
as I sat here contemplating I decided to write a poem...
I don't call myself a poet but it was fun to write...Enjoy!

I wish I could be more forgiving and forget once in a while
When I am irked I wish I could offer a sweet smile.
I wish I would remember to give thanks a little more
So that grumbling and complaining would slink right out the door.

I wish my hands would remain open, never clenched or holding tight
To worthless things and foolish pride that blind the truth from sight.
I wish I had the wisdom that you get from looking back
Before I made  my choices of choosing the 'wrong' track.

I wish everyone could have a good supper every night
And a home with loving parents who try to teach them right.
I wish that conflict and indifference would not tear love apart
But commitment would be stronger and would mend a broken heart.

So as I wish these wishes, I say a prayer for you
That you have peace and happiness in all that you hold true.
May each twist and turn on the earthly road you roam
Bring you ever nearer your heavenly home.

               My newest infatuation....battery candles on a timer...love ~~~Lucy. 



  1. enjoyed. so beautiful. praying these wishes come true!

  2. Ah, Lucy, your lovely poem speaks of universal concerns that are felt and experienced in the hearts and minds of many, yours truly included. I enjoyed your wise words today and share your wish for all mankind.

    Have a peaceful and pretty day, my friend!


  3. Hi Lucy,

    Just got your comment. I don't have an email address for you, and as I always send my 'reply' comments to my readers' emails, just in case they don't return to see them, I sent yours to a ''hangout'' in Google +. Did you see it? Please send me your email if you have one. Thanks so much.

    PS: Now I'M glad you returned to your comment on PV, so that I could visit this lovely post once again! So inspirational! :-D

  4. What wonderful wishes! And I like those candles:)

  5. Oh Lucy,
    I love your poem, and it was nice to hear on this Sunday morning. I have written a couple poems myself, and it's always been a fun thing to do. That lantern is so cool and very unique. I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. It's hard when they get older and go their own ways, isn't it? Whenever I see the toy section in the stores, it brings back such memories for me. Keep writing poetry, Lucy.......it's such a lovely thing to do.


  6. Wow,,, such a wonderful poem, so heartwarming and touching, I LOVE IT!
    I'd like to express my best Christmas wishes to you and your family.
    And i hope all your wishes come true this Christmas.
    Have a happy holidays!


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