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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

On Purpose

I love to find new uses for old things. I'm sure this is something we all do from time to time but I'll share a few ways I've re purposed a few items around here....

 This gate is none other than a single bed headboard...

An old ladder is a great trellis for my clematis.
(just won't seem to bloom though?)
Love my old bike; which makes me feel like I'm in the south of France, and may bike to market on a whim.

This is vignette is a bit forsaken behind my tool shed...

My front porch has this long ago garage sale find of an old light...
been painted a few different colours but has been black the longest.

Well there you have it . I hope you enjoyed and please DO come again. I'll leave you with this quote I like...

"May your life; like a bunch of flowers, be made up of usefulness and beauty."


  1. Guess what someone told me the other day...clematis hates to be fertilized, mulched etc...and they love lousy soil! This lady told me I would have the perfect soil for clematis;))

    Beautiful stroll. Thank-you.

    1. Thanks for the chuckle:)I can't believe it's the soil here...I think it may not quite get enough sun anymore.

  2. Love that gate !!......enjoy a happy day love Ria.....xxx..

  3. Hi Lucy...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that gate! Ohhhh, darling post. Thanks so much for Following my blog, too! I'm going to do the same! Take care and stop by often! Susan

  4. Lucy, I enjoyed reading your blog post (On Purpose) and seeing your wonderful pictures. You have a gift of bringing the past into the present with your rebirthing of items that now hold as much or more value than when they were first used. August


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