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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Desperate Times

"Pray for rain" her last words ring in my head as we parted.We had just had a "catch up "conversation as  our lives had taken different directions and our paths didn't seem to cross quite as often anymore.
Her request feels like a reprimand. I'm the one who should be saying this. I'm the one who believes in the power of prayer.
It's not that I've given up praying for rain ,I still do.But one thing is certain  our heavenly Father knows we have need of all these things.Matthew 6:8

Do the desperate times make me pray harder? Or do they make me trust more? God is good. It's that simple or complicated.It depends on my outlook and how I view my world. Faith is believing in what we can't see. I can implore the heavens to water the earth or I can simply with childlike faith, rest in the knowledge of His goodness.

                Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of,
prayer is not designed to inform God, but to give man sight of
          his misery; to humble his heart, to excite his desire,
     to inflame his faith,to animate his hope, to raise his soul
                         from earth to heaven.
                                  ( Clarke's Commentary)


  1. God is good.....Amen !!...xxx...

  2. God does provide what we need, when we need it. I like your question about trusting more or praying harder. A Jesus Calling devotion that stands out in my mind was on thanking God for what He's doing once we've asked. He's heard, an answer will come in its right time, and we can trust that is happening while focusing on thanking Him, which builds our faith.
    (Would you believe I read this post as it rains outside after such a long period of dry?!)

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    2. True! So glad you got rain. We had some during the night as well. I prayed it was raining here...

  3. Hi Lucy...Thanks for the reminder. Trust more. Thanks for your visits! Susan


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