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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Common Day

Today was one of my favourite kind of days...
   just a common ,ordinary day.No where I needed to go. The first day that really felt like summer holidays with the children home from school.This morning we baked a little and we made this baked oatmeal.I put in some of the raspberries my youngest girls kindly picked for me.

The raspberries are tiny, as we are having a very, dry summer.

It's yummy with fruit and milk,and makes breakfast seem more interesting. 

Later I spent some time weeding ,and helped with a nightgown that daughter Jasmine was sewing.

I hope summer is finding you stopping to smell the flowers or meandering along some country lane or
simply sitting on your porch and listening to the world go by.


  1. Love and a happy summer day from me....xxx...

  2. I have been buying raspberries at the local fruit stand..ours are still not ready to be picked yet. I use to really look forward to the summer months that freed our days up from busy school activities...these are the best of times if you ask me. Your garden looks absolutely beautiful! OK~ how do you make baked oatmeal? It looks and sounds wonderful! Happy Saturday to you! =O)

  3. Good morning Lucy!
    This sounds like my kind of day...a beautiful way to begin the summer holidays!
    Its the simple things that bring so much joy and pleasure isn't it?!
    Your girls look so sweet out there picking those raspberries (my favourite berry) :)
    And that dish looks so yummy and healthy!
    Have a great day!

    Deborah xo


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