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Monday, 23 July 2012

Some Summer Staples

Summer is undoubtedly my favorite season.

I guess that's why my youngest daughter is named after it.We spell it: Sommer. Sommer Jade she is. My mother-in-law wrote the sweetest comment in her baby card..."now you'll have summer year round." 
Here is a peek at a  few things of what I love about the season...
porch sitting

comfy skirts and sandals
 (ever have a pair of shoes call your name as you're going by? that's what happened here!)
sweet sisters

serendipity (need an S word!)
Scrumptious Salads

Impromptu Swims to the stream to cool off

                                                Spectacular Skies

 FLOWERS...it wouldn't feel like summer without them
I love glads.even the name evokes happiness.
This year, they speak to me of strength.
They have had less than ideal conditions;
dry, hot and windy.
Some are bent over;but they still bloom.
Summer; the season I long for all year, and then find myself enduring some days. I'm not sure why. So much joy to be had,
right here,right now.

Heart and Hearth
"Every summer has a story..."

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  1. Lucy,
    I didn't know your daughter's name was Sommer. I love that name. I like summer too, but as I get older I'm not so much a fan of the hot weather. Fall is a lovely season of mine. We still have more summer days, so I will enjoy what's in front of. I love the quote, "Every summer has a story." That's so true. My best memories and fun times usually happened in the summer. This was a nice post today.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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