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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Let the Children Play..

I was reminded of this poem recently. I had our mini van packed and we were driving through a sprawling , metropolis of  million dollar mansions on our way to a swimming area on the edge of the city. from the back of the van someone asks "are these people rich?"

Hmmm" I reply , "it depends on  what you mean." My eyes take in the enormous, pristine, homes  and their  sprawling triple car garages. Manicured lawns and gardens leave no evidence of anyone actually living here.
 I know the answer. "rich "cannot be measured by material wealth. Sometimes it's just good to be reminded.

             My House... 
I like to see a lovely lawn
Bediamonded with the dew at dawn.
But mine is often trampled bare,
Because the youngsters gather there.

I like a spotless house and clean
Where many a touch of grace is seen,
But mine is often tossed about,
By youngsters racing in and out.

I like a quiet house at night
Where I may sit to read and write,
But my peace flies before the tones
Of three brass throated saxophones.

My books to tumult are resigned,
In vain my furniture is shined,
My lawn is bare,my flowers fall,
Youth rides triumphant over all.

I love the grass, I love the rose,
And every living thing that grows.
I love the books I ponder o'er,
But , oh I love the children more!

And so unto myself I say;
Be mine the house where youngsters play.
Oh, little girl,oh, healthy boy,
Be mine the house which you enjoy!

            Edgar A Guest.





  1. Nice post....love Ria...xxx...

  2. What a wonderful poem, Lucy. I liked it very much. I have been thinking alot about my kids lately. They are all grown, but they are still close to my heart. Enjoy your little ones, my dear. They grow up much too fast.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Thank-you Sheri,
      I am starting to see how fast it goes..my two oldest girls( not on the picture} are 17 and 19) and they certainly aren't around as much!I wish at times I could press the STOP button on time ,as already I feel like I'm in a different stage but I can't so by God's grace we continue.

  3. Love the poem and its sentiment, Lucy. How true! Thanks for your visit to my blog today and for your comment, too. Susan


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