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Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Balanced Philosophy

Never be so observant you can't focus,
Or so focused, you can't observe. L.M.

Ha, how appropriate that this is what is in my head as daughters goof off in kitchen while making Sunday supper of nachos...." Mom how long?( in the microwave she asks?)

A fulfilled life is a steady walk of balance.

Reminds me of this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LSR7Rx0W34
 we watched it on live television a few months ago.I remember watching in awe as this man, a 7th generation stunt walker made history.

Balance brings us harmony, and also creates a sense of order in an often rushed and chaotic world.

"There is a ditch on both sides of the road,"this is how  my husband will often sum up a discussion about things that just can't be solved with pat answers. He says it , his Mom said it, and it was a phrase passed on, for it's  simple but real reminder to keep our lives balanced and in order.

Are you like me sometimes finding it hard to know just where that balance is?
 I like to be busy, but not so busy that I feel overwhelmed in the moment!
 I like holidays and down time but too much, can make me long for the rhythm of routine.
 I love being around people but too long, and too many people, make me crave quiet.

Thankfully we serve a gracious God. He holds the tightrope we are on and balances each step.

May your week ahead bring you a beautiful bouquet of balance!


 To everything there is a season......

and a time to every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3 :1

 so much gratitude here tonight....
91.a wonderful week with eldest daughter home, 92. that the little 'fender bender' she was in tonight on the way back in torrential rains  wasn't worse.THANK_YOU LORD!93.that these things help us become who we are,94.that I felt compelled to pray as she left,even more than usual for some reason,95.Mom and sister day fun, a few days ago,96.a free night in a hotel with sweet friend and four little girls with us 97. helping Carroll with a wedding she was catering and how weary can mean a job well done. 98.impromptu date at a local cafe I had never visited...sooooooo up my alley; filled with unique, one of a kind things...99.me:)100.Quiet Sunday afternoons,101. Scrabble with youngest when everyone else was away,102.second daughter cleaning bedroom without my prompting!103.everyday miracles like tidy dresser drawers,104.for kids who play practical jokes,eg: I was away for one night, and I have often said that whenever I'm away and come home, it doesn't take long for me to look around and sum up the order of their days.This time my son decided he'd hang bathing suits out on the clothes line to see if I would ask what they were up to.Didn't work so well this time, I saw them and thought 'that's funny my daughter hasn't worn that one in a while:) but it sure made me smile that he went to this trouble for me...:)



  1. I also am so thankful Brit is okay! I'm so thankful for a warm dry place today and I can't help but think of all those poor souls who do not have a place called 'home'.


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